mebd econ is a project by Brian Dew, intended to provide useful and timely information on both recent macroeconomic trends and techniques for working with macroeconomic data. The project currently includes a blog, a US macro and markets dashboard (open the pdf file), and some basic techniques for reading data using python

Brian Dew (brianwdew@gmail.com; @bd_econ)

I’m a graduate student of economics at American University in Washington, DC. My research interests include applied econometrics, trade, data visualization, network analysis, and open economy macroeconomics.

My preferred statistical software is Stata, though I can generally accomplish the same things (and occasionally more) with R and Python. I’m highly proficient with LaTeX, and love the professionalism of a nicely typeset document. I also know just about every trick in the Office book.

Forthcoming publications

Assessing the Fragility of Global Trade: The Impact of Localized Supply Shocks Using Network Analysis, with Yevgeniya Korniyenko and Magali Pinat


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